Peppa Pig Birthday Party

It’s tough to find Peppa Pig items in the United States. My young daughter discovered the animated character on YouTube. She loves Peppa, her family and her animal friends. I wasn’t surprised when she asked for a Peppa Pig themed party for her third birthday, but I knew it’d be a challenge to find decorations. With the exception of a Peppa pinata that I found online, I made all the decorations myself with the help of online graphics and our tabloid printer.



peppa2The Peppa clouds were the only decorations that
I was semi-proud of. I found a generic cloud online,
created a mirror image in Paint Shop, printed them on a tabloid
printer, cut out the clouds, glued cotton to the inside of one cloud
and used a glue gun to attach the other cloud. I ended up with
fluffy clouds that my daughter kept hanging in her room
for over a year.

I ordered a Barbie birthday cake at Von’s and placed Peppa toys
I bought at Amazon on top of it. Daughter insisted that Barbie
remain though.

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