Cutters Don’t Cry: Life-Changing Book Brings Solace to Self-Harmers Who Suffer in Silence

Written by Christine Dzidrums, who struggled with self-harm and cutting for half of her life, ‘Cutters Don’t Cry’ fuses fact with fiction to give self-harmers the inspiration and resources they need to improve their lives for the better. Based on the author’s own experiences, the novel is quickly becoming the ‘go to’ text for those crying for help.

While many self-help books are born out of professional expertise or theory, Christine Dzidrums’ ‘Cutters Don’t Cry’ was born out of years of harrowing self-harm, depression and despair. After repeated bouts of spiraling self-harm, her personal journal has inspired a novel and life-changing resource that could inspire millions to rise from their ashes.

The novel takes its cue from Dzidrums’ actual journal. Compelled by her therapist to share her story in the hope it will help other self-harmers seek help, the author’s real-life experiences have been transposed into a bold and powerful fictional narrative.


19-year-old Charity Graff engages in self-harm. More specifically she cuts herself to numb emotions. In a series of raw journal entries, the confused teenager writes to her estranged father, filling him in on what’s happened in her life since he left her nearly 18 years ago. Throughout the course of her letter writing, Charity chronicles her penchant for cutting, a serious struggle with depression and her inability to vocally express her feelings.

As the author explains, her book reaches out to those in need with compassion, empowerment and the utmost of dignity.

“Cutting is very common among young adults, extending even into the male demographic. It’s a topic that isn’t widely discussed in the mainstream media despite being a prominent problem among young people, in particular teenagers. ‘Cutters Don’t Cry’ portrays the issue in a sensitive, yet realistic manner. It also addresses depression and methods of coping with it,” says Dzidrums.

Aside from its fictional story, Dzidrums has used her book as an opportunity to give self-harmers a tangible and invaluable resource. Since its release, the book has gained cult status among young adults, winning a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award and consistently holding the number one spot on’s list of best books about cutting.

Reviews have been glowing. For example, Sasha Elizabeth said, “This is a book intended for young adults, but I enjoyed it as a thirtysomething. It was easy to get through but did not talk down to readers. If you want to understand the pain that goes with cutting, this is the book for you.”

Sherri Gonicbeg was equally impressed, adding, “I came across this book by accident, and I am sure that it will help me very much. I can pass it along to others who suffer from this affliction, and to promote awareness and education to their loved ones who can’t understand what drives people to turn to it for solace or catharsis.”

Dzidrums is currently adapting her story into a screenplay and has high hopes of seeing it turned into a motion picture. Until then, it will continue its grassroots work of helping those in need seek light at the end of even the darkest tunnels.

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About Christine Dzidrums:
Christine Dzidrums holds a bachelor’s degree in Theater Arts from California State University, Fullerton. She previously co-wrote children’s biographies on Kelly Clarkson, Yasiel Puig, Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, the Fierce Five, Idina Menzel, Mike Trout, Matt Kemp, Missy Franklin, Sutton Foster, Jennie Finch, Joannie Rochette and Yuna Kim. Her first novel, ‘Cutters Don’t Cry,’ won a 2010 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award in the Young Adult Fiction category. She won a second Moonbeam Award in 2012 for her acclaimed biography on gymnast Gabby Douglas. Christine authored the best-selling beginning chapter book ‘Future Presidents Club.’ She also wrote the picture books, ‘Princess Dessabelle Makes a Friend’ and ‘Princess Dessabelle: Tennis Star.’ Her recent tween novel, ‘Fair Youth,’ tells the tale of a troubled young girl who is befriended by a quartet of undercover fairies. The long-awaited follow-up to ‘Cutters Don’t Cry’ entitled ‘Kaylee: The ‘What If?’ Game,’ will be released this fall. Her works have also been translated into several different languages