My Daughter’s Class Election, AKA The Star Wars Campaign Poem

My daughter, Ashley, is running for a student government position in her 5th grade class. I encouraged her to be as creative as possible when writing her speech, so she’d stand out among a sea of candidates. Since her classroom is Star Wars themed, she decided to run with that angle.

Election is on Friday. Fingers crossed.


A long time ago
In an election
far far away…
In the big galaxy
Lived a rebel, Ashley

Who wanted to lead
And hoped to succeed

I’ll work hard like a Wookie,
And I’ll never play hooky

Though green milk makes me puke,
I’m trustworthy like Luke

Like Leia, I’ll lead
With the grace of light speed

I’ll be your crusader
Unlike Darth Vader

I will clean up our school
And tackle the trash

If that sounds real cool
Then please vote for Ash

I will listen to all
With opinions to share

I am loyal like Ewoks
With compassion to spare

So as Yoda would say
In his own special way,

“Vote for Ashley, you must.
She’s a girl you can trust

“She will always be true.
May the force be with you.”

Doubletree CopyCat Cookies

At the beginning of the pandemic, Hilton posted their Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. You can find it here.

I tried my hand at these cookies, and surprisingly, it didn’t end disastrously. In fact, they tasted quite good and were a hit with my family. Did they taste like Doubetree’s iconic cookie? Hard to say since it’s been ages since I’ve had one. They sure were yummy though!

Where are the Crumbs?

Why do grocery stores put bread crumbs in the baking aisle next to chocolate chips and frosting and cake mix, etc? I went crazy trying to find them at the store today. Spent forever in the croutons and salad dressing aisle!

Sneak Preview

Today our family was part of the first ever audience to see an upcoming movie musical. I’m not allowed to mention the name…had to sign an NDA…but the kiddos were excited. My outgoing Ashley even shared her thoughts with the movie’s creative talent after the screening.

The movie won’t be released until December so it will be a long time for me to keep a secret. I’m terrible at keeping secrets.

Meanest Person Ever Acceptance Speech

Oh wow. This trophy is so heavy. I wasn’t expecting to win. I didn’t prepare a speech.

First of all, I’d like to thank Timmy Dzidrums for awarding me the title of Meanest Person Ever.

To the other nominees, I am a fan of each and every one of you. I admire your mean-spiritedness so much. To even be in the same category as you boggles my mind. Your nastiness inspires me every day.

To my agent, thank you for taking a chance on me and believing in my meanness when few people did.

To my husband, you are my rock that I anchor my nasty attitude to every day. I know you won this title last week, and I thank you for taking me under your wing and teaching me how to be a mean parent.

To my children, your tiny, smug faces inspire me every day to be as mean as possible. Yes, Mommy won. Now, go to bed!

To all the little boys and girls out there watching my moment and dreaming of winning the title one day, I’m proof that if you act surly enough, you can also be up here accepting this award one day. It WILL get worse.

To anyone I may have forgotten, please know that I appreciate you and a part of this trophy belongs to you – if I could break it into a million pieces I would.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!