Say It Ain’t So

Odd dream last night… William H Macy and Felicity Huffman announced they were divorcing and I was inconsolable. I was SOBBING, and no one could calm me. I had no idea I even cared. hahaha

Ah, Fudge

Today is my annual tradition of trying to make fudge, messing it up badly, and throwing it away. I’ve yet to make an edible batch in over ten years of effort!

I’ve tried the carnation foolproof (not for this fool!) box four times and failed all four times. My other attempts were from scratch recipes that led to disastrous results.

Update: Well, it wasn’t a disaster, but I won’t be opening a fudge shop anytime soon.

If/Then with Idina Menzel

Caught a matinee of If/Then today at the Pantages Theatre. While I wasn’t crazy about the show, it was a privilege to listen to Idina Menzel sing “Always Starting Over.” Also enjoyed seeing La Chanze and Anthony Rapp in supporting roles.

Um, You’re Welcome, I Guess.

Ashley is at the overly dramatic stage where she’s overly enthusiastic in her thank yous. This sounds nice in theory, but it plays out a little weird. At a restaurant when her food arrived she said, “I get food too? Oh thank you, mama! I’m so happy.” At Kohl’s: “Thank you for buying me a jacket, mama. I have always wanted one!” At Target: “Popcorn? Oh mama, thank you. This is the best gift ever.” The looks I get from strangers…