The NeverEnding Story

Kids and I watched The NeverEnding Story tonight. They hadn’t seen it and neither had I. And the best thing I can say about the experience is…well…now we’ve all seen it.

I’ve always been able to sing the title song if that counts for anything.

Josh Halloween

Joshua’s Halloween costumes have been occasionally challenging, such as Stampy Cat and Minecraft Earth.

Top row: Cat, Mickey Mouse, Pac-Man, Thomas the Tank Engine
Middle row: Darth Vader, Emmet from The Lego Movie, Stampy Cat, Minecraft Earth, Mario,
Neighbor fro Hello Neighbor, Young Luke Skywalker, Mandalorian, Old Luke Skywalker

Timmy Halloween

Timmy’s costumes over the years have ranged from challenging (Minecraft sun) to easy like an astronaut.

Top row: Kermit the Frog, Blinky from Pac-Man, Thomas the Tank Engine, R2D
Middle row: Dusty from Planes, Spider-Man, Minecraft Sun, Astronaut
Bottom row: Mario, Kylo Ren, Shark, Bad Batch Stormtrooper

Past Halloweens

As Halloween approaches I’ve started reflecting on my children’s past costumes. Today I made a collage of Ashley’s costumes over the years. Thank goodness she hasn’t ever asked for any complicated costumes.

Top row: Snow White, Princess Leia, Doc McStuffins, Anna from Frozen, Rey from Star Wars
Bottom row: Ariel, Violet from The Incredibles, Princess Leia, Rapunzel, Cat

But I’m Eponine

I’m chronicling my experience self-publishing my upcoming YA book, But I’m Eponine. In the past I’ve done traditional publishing and self-publishing.

So why did I choose self-publishing this time? It’s about control. I love my characters and am planning a series around them and don’t want to give up any creative control of them.

I have a lot of work panned out for me, so we’ll see how it goes.