Quit Talking About Your Amazing Story

(I’ve accepted PSB’s challenge to write an unfiltered blog post every day for the remainder of 2023.)


Aspiring authors, if I can give you one bit of advice, it would be to stop talking about your book/story and start writing it. Whether I’m at a book signing or a social event, it never fails that at least one person will ask me how to find a publisher or even how to self-publish an amazing story that they’ve created…in their head.

When I ask them how much of the story they’ve written, they will almost certainly stare blankly at me before sheepishly admitting that they haven’t typed a word of it yet.


The only thing that separates a writer from a wannabe? The follow-through. If you’re still talking about your idea instead of committing it to paper, you’re a wannabe….and no one wants to be labeled a wannabe…so stop talking and start writing. 🙂 Your story won’t write itself. #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #writingadvice #writers #bookstagram