Nate Bargatze: Hello, World!

New Nate Bargatze stand-up specials always make me happy. Amazon Prime released the comedian’s latest offering, Nate Bargatze: Hello, World!, earlier this week. Watched it last night and it did not disappoint. From his child misconceptions about the White House to his takes on his wife mowing the lawn and selling items online to strangers were hilarious. I like that his humor is never mean-spirited. He’s such an entertaining storyteller.

But I’m Eponine Kindle Giveaway

Several readers will win a Kindle version of my latest YA novel, But I’m Eponine. Leave your email address in the form below to enter the giveaway. Winners will be emailed an Amazon Kindle link to c;aim their prize. Obviously, entrees must have an Amazon account and access to Amazon Kindle.

Fifteen-year-old Lyric Teague sings like an angel and has already played all the great musical theater roles—in the privacy of her bedroom. Now she’s finally ready to step into the spotlight.