My Daughter’s Class Election, AKA The Star Wars Campaign Poem

My daughter, Ashley, is running for a student government position in her 5th grade class. I encouraged her to be as creative as possible when writing her speech, so she’d stand out among a sea of candidates. Since her classroom is Star Wars themed, she decided to run with that angle.

Election is on Friday. Fingers crossed.


A long time ago
In an election
far far away…
In the big galaxy
Lived a rebel, Ashley

Who wanted to lead
And hoped to succeed

I’ll work hard like a Wookie,
And I’ll never play hooky

Though green milk makes me puke,
I’m trustworthy like Luke

Like Leia, I’ll lead
With the grace of light speed

I’ll be your crusader
Unlike Darth Vader

I will clean up our school
And tackle the trash

If that sounds real cool
Then please vote for Ash

I will listen to all
With opinions to share

I am loyal like Ewoks
With compassion to spare

So as Yoda would say
In his own special way,

“Vote for Ashley, you must.
She’s a girl you can trust

“She will always be true.
May the force be with you.”